Environmental Finance Center at Sac State


The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) and the Office of Water Programs (OWP) provide a variety of training options for the drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater industries.

Workforce Development Training

A skilled workforce is the core of effective water operations. The R9 EFC, together with partners from the EFC Network (EFCN), develops and provides programs and resources for improving competency in current and potential future water utility staff.

In November 2019, the R9 EFC and the EFCN held two webinars focused on workforce development for small water systems. Small water systems often hire new operators who must learn a variety of workplace competencies and technical skills. A credentialing process built on standards-based competencies can prepare new operators to meet the demands of small water systems. The first webinar, Ready to Work: Creating a Competency-Based Credential for the Water Sector, provided a framework for developing a Water Workforce Readiness credential to prepare high-school students for work in the water industry. The Department of Labor Competency Model was a particular highlight. The second webinar, Creating a Water Workforce Pre-Apprenticeship, outlined steps to build a pathway to apprenticeship through a skills-based pre-apprenticeship program.

Competency-based Credential

Office of Water Programs

OWP Training for Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Practitioners

The EFC resides within Sacramento State's Office of Water ProgramsOpens in new window (OWP). OWP's training groupOpens in new window develops and implements programs and publishes training materials for operators, managers, and inspectors in the water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater management industries. All training is offered as distance learning, using correspondence, video, or computer-based formats with opportunities to earn continuing education and contact hours for operators, supervisors, managers, and administrators.