Environmental Finance Center at Sac State

Asset Management

Asset Management is a key process for tracking system components and planning operations and maintenance. It supports prioritization and planning efforts, and provides a verifiable procedure for developing current and future program costs that inform long-term investments. Asset management can also assist utilities and communities in developing sustainable revenue sources for infrastructure systems.

A Toolkit for Stormwater Asset Management and Funding

The EFC supports utilities and communities to build capacity for asset management through tools and technical assistance. We developed a free toolkit for asset management in municipal stormwater programs. The toolkit includes a guidance report and worksheets that help record data on system assets, from pipes to gutters to green infrastructure. The toolkit helps prioritize maintenance needs and estimate long-term costs and revenues from rates.

Toolkit for Stormwater Asset Management and Funding

Field Data Collection Apps

Asset Management Field Data Collection Apps

The EFC works with partners to provide technical assistance for using GIS and software to support asset management, including mobile apps for collecting field data on system assets.

Asset Management Training and Workshops

We offer training and workshops to communities on asset management and utility performance, including a webinar on indicators of financial and technical performance for water supply utilities.

The EFC also co-hosted a Stormwater Asset Management Forum in 2019. Information, including presentations and recording are available under our Stormwater TMF Forums.

Training and Workshops