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Stormwater Funding and Financing

Stormwater utilities must manage their systems to maintain reliability and protect water quality. The process can seem daunting, especially for smaller agencies. The EFC has conducted several projects resulting in various resources for stormwater program practitioners.

A Toolkit for Stormwater Asset Management and Funding

The EFC developed a free toolkit to support asset management and funding for municipal stormwater programs. The toolkit includes a guidance report and worksheets that help record data on system assets, from pipes to gutters to green infrastructure. The toolkit helps prioritize maintenance needs and estimate long-term costs. It also includes spreadsheets for evaluating various stormwater fee options, including a consumer ability to pay analysis, and resulting revenues.

Rate calculation tool

Stormwater financing storyboard

The Stormwater Funding Storyboard

The EFC developed an interactive storyboard with tools and information that stormwater utilities can use to create effective and sustainable stormwater programs, including resources for early-stage stormwater utility planning and rate development.

Stormwater Cost and Benefit Resources

The EFC at Sacramento State provides guidance and tools for evaluating benefits and costs in stormwater management. As the first part of a two-part project, we developed a guide on methods for benefit-cost analysis (BCA) of municipal stormwater projects and programsOpens in new window. In the second part, we analyzed costs reported for stormwater management across California municipalities. Reported spending activities and the data used in the analysis are available as appendices.

Estimating Benefits and Costs of Stormwater Management


California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) Stormwater Funding Resources Webpages

The EFC collaborated with SCI Consulting and Larry Walker Associates to develop CASQA's stormwater funding resourcesOpens in new window The webpages comprise a comprehensive source to help municipal stormwater programs further understand, develop, and take advantage of program and project funding opportunities. Sustainable stormwater program funding topics include stormwater utility fees, realignment of services, local development impact fees, and special taxes. Project funding topics describe BMP types and ways to achieve multiple benefits, provide cost resources, and list grant and loan opportunities. Guidance for creating a stormwater utility and descriptions of regional stormwater funding efforts are also highlighted.

Stormwater Technical, Managerial, and Financial (TMF) Forums

As part of an ongoing program on stormwater funding, the EFC at Sacramento State hosts and supports forums and workshops on topics of technical, managerial, and financial aspects of stormwater management.

In June 2019, the EFC co-hosted a Stormwater Asset Management Forum with EPA Region 9 and the CA State Water Board. The forum provided basic introductions to the values, challenges, and procedures of asset management, and showcased how several stormwater municipal programs in CA are currently using or pursuing it. The presentations and recording are now available.

In 2017, the EFC co-sponsored workshops in northern and southern California, focusing on stormwater planning and funding. Experts from throughout the state and country participated in the workshops. The presentations are available through the EFC website.

Stormwater Asset Management Forum Flyer

Rain gardens at Sacramento State

OWP Stormwater Research and Managerial Assistance

Sacramento State's Office of Water Programs (OWP) Opens in new window, in which the EFC resides, has been providing research and managerial assistance to California municipal and state agency stormwater programs for over 20 years. OWP stormwater services include NPDES program management assistance, BMP performance and runoff characterization assessments, study planning, green infrastructure and low impact development design and implementation, regional planning, and training.